10 awEsoMe thiNgs
  1. SNL
  2. hamburgers with fries on the burger
  3. hot sauce
  4. sperrys
  5. fedoras
  6. stick men
  7. xkcd
  8. skull candy headphones
  9. grape jelly
  10. cats 

I didn’t post at midnight ah!!!

  1. my chromebook :-3
  2. google chrome in general
  3. pizza subs
  4. the album gimme some by peter, bjorn, and john
  5. tennis racquets
  6. the british spellings of words (see previous line)
  7. sarcasm
  8. pot brownies
  9. yuengling
  10. baby wipes
  1. Joseph Ducreux
  2. vengeance dad meme
  3. George Barnett
  4. Southern Pecan ale floats (just add some vanilla ice cream)
  5. colorful rugs
  6. finding creative ways to blow up bottle rockets
  7. socks with mustaches on them
  8. Quizno’s
  9. Questionable Content
  10. King sized snickers
  1. Five dollar pizzas
  2. cake
  3. a quilt
  4. sitting on the roof
  5. tie-dye shirts
  6. bonnaroo
  7. friends who take lsd
  8. youtube
  9. blue
  10. old signs

So i’ve tried doing blogs of various sorts for awhile. this has never gone over well due mainly to my lack of attention. I’m going to try a new one. I’m going to make a list every night before I go to bed of 10 things which I think are awesome (probably based on whatever has happened to me in the day or things i’ve thought). Hopefully this well help me go to bed feeling a little bit better each night. Without further ado, 10 awesome things:

  1. The Land Before Time
  2. Boxed Wine
  3. homemade shells and cheese
  4. group hugs
  5. a cigarette after a stressful day of work
  6. Intervention by Arcade Fire
  7. a close shave
  8. the kids movie section of netflix
  9. mods for skyrim
  10. a casual wink